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Joanne Intrator's New York-Berlin Bridge

About Dr. Joanne Intrator

Joanne Intrator has been a practicing psychiatrist for more than thirty years. In 1993 she began an international legal quest to gain restitution for the property in Central Berlin that the Nazis had stolen from her family.


“It took many years for Dr. Intrator, motivated by love, and fortified by courage and determination, to bring the truth to light. This story must be told.”

—Edward W. Tayler, Emeritus, The Lionel Trilling Professor, Columbia University

“Dr. Intrator’s story Summoned to Berlin deserves illumination…”

—Ron Meyerson, Former Senior Editor, Newsweek

“Joanne is an unending inspiration to all of us striving to make the world a better place by seeking redress for injustices.”

—Robert Sadoff, M.D., Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

“Joanne Intrator’s story is that of a woman who dares to confront those who would find security in silence…”

—Rabbi David Greenberg, Temple Sharaay Tefila, Bedford Corners, New York

“Joanne Intrator’s proposed Summoned to Berlin is a real-life story that simply must be told.”

—Kathrin Seitz, Writer and Producer

“…an inspiring saga of vindication and justice, and of one very determined woman prevailing against seemingly impossible odds.”

—Dean Pitchford Academy Award and Golden Globe Award Winner

Upcoming Book

“Given that conventionally narrated history has the Holocaust ending in 1945, the bitterest of ironies attaches to Germany only starting a victim reparations program in 1953 and to boot, having the gall to label it Wiedergutmachung — (literally ‘Making good again’) — but my memoir narrates how, for decades on end, the Holocaust continued casting fearsome shadows over my entire family.”